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Mary Berry cook Cyrus Kay is new head chef at Heworth Inn, York


Cyrus Kay, who lives in Fulford, was announced yesterday as the head chef of the Heworth Inn pub, formerly The Shoulder of Mutton, and will begin running the pub from tomorrow.

Cyrus, a York University graduate in criminology, shot to fame last year on the BBC cooking show Best Home Cook, which was judged by Mary Berry, produce expert Chris Bavin and chef Dan Doherty.

Cyrus said that since the show he has helped set up a number of restaurant pop-up stalls for charity, as well as cooking private dinners for clients and writing a cook book, however, he is excited to run his first ever kitchen.

He said: “I first started cooking when I was 16 so to have the chance of running my own kitchen is a dream come true.

“I have been working with and shadowing Garry, the head chef, for the past 10 days to get to know the way it runs and help with a swift transition.

“The owners and myself have some ideas about changing the source of the foods produce. We want to make sure that we are using local suppliers for beef, pork and our root vegetables to help independent business in the city like ourselves.”

Owner of the Heworth Inn, Leah Stannard, said it was a proud moment for the pub.

She said: “The Heworth team are proud to announce the appointment of our new head chef.

“Cyrus’s style of food is firmly rooted in the British classics, and reflects his rural upbringing, which included starting his first job on a dairy farm at the age of 15. He places a heavy emphasis on using the most local ingredients possible, including a good deal of wild food and game. He sources excellent, highly ethical and sustainable meat, fish and poultry. As a result, our menus will change throughout the year.”

Leah added that the new menu is still currently in development, however, Cyrus will be adding several of his Britain’s Best Cooks dishes to the menu including wild rabbit and mushroom pie as well as some new dishes he has been working on including Yorkshire fried chicken with a roast squash ketchup and vegan tomato and lentil filled aubergine.

The new menu is expected to be ready for the end of February and will run for three months before changing again.

There will also be a selection of different special dishes that will change weekly.

Leah also thanked former head chef, Garry Reap, who she said had been “a rock in the Kitchen”.

She said: “We also want to give a huge thank you to our founding head chef, Mr Garry Reap. We all know we would be nothing today without his excellent food and dedication to cooking.”

A day the press went mad with a story that wasn’t the full truth!

We changed the name from the Shoulder of Mutton to better suit weddings, international tourists and in a small part to be more conducive to a quality percentage of our menu dedicated to vegetarians and vegans. However, as they do, the press went mad with a twist of the truth, which produced some superb headlines and got us all over the radio for interviews.