York pub changes name from Shoulder of Mutton because it might put vegetarians off

The pub in Heworth Green, York, has been called the Shoulder of Mutton since at least the 1950s, but it has now been renamed The Heworth Inn.

When a man queried the decision on Facebook, saying there had been “uproar” when another York pub had changed its name, landlady Leah Stannard replied saying she appreciated his concern but “when trying to market a business to a tourist hotel market, it has been shown that the name the Shoulder of Mutton isn’t perceived particularly well”.

She added: “Also, as we are going to have a really keen focus on vegetarian and vegan cuisine, we think it is a tasteful, sympathetic and reasonable decision.”

She told The York Press that the pub had been “tired” and she felt the high level of investment she was making meant making a statement of change.

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